Harbor Bay Medians get Bay Friendly certification

Harbor Bay Median

Bay Friendly practices foster soil health, conserve water, and reduce waste and pollution.  The Harbor Bay Medians project transformed the roadway medians at Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda from long stretches of turf to a water-saving display of plants and various mow-free grasses. The plants used are well suited to the coastal climate and emphasize the ‘windswept’ appearance of the shoreline setting.

Sheet Mulching

Sheet mulching was used to prepare the medians’ soil for planting and develop the Soil Foodweb.  This eliminated the need for costly removal and reduced site waste, transforming it into part of the future soil foundation.  Sheet mulching also suppresses weeds, reducing the need for synthetic herbicides.

Interpretive signage was included to illustrate the process and relate the site to the greater Bay Area ecology.

Harbor Bay Median Sign_WEB

For more information on Bay Friendly Landscapes, visit the Bay Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition

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