Designing Urban Agriculture

Book Cover

April Philips is a designer, artist, lecturer, and author. Born in New Orleans, April transplanted to California early in her design career.  An ardent home gardener she cultivates a year round edible garden and is a passionate local food system advocate.

Her recent studio work investigates the intersection of food, design and ecology in urban landscapes. April has been incorporating elements of urban agriculture into many of APDW’s projects – a corporate campus with a gourmet cafeteria garden, school yards where students can get their hands dirty and learn to prepare the produce they are growing, and greenroof kitchen gardens located in the hearts of cities. Much of the design process involves identifying stakeholders and  determining maintenance strategies, something with which APDW has had much success.

Designing Urban Agriculture is a guide to the process of creating a successful urban farm system, be it a network of small backyard gardens or an intensive green roof system on a building covering a city block. The navigation of bureaucracy can be trying for incorporating urban agriculture and the book makes suggestions for approaching the urban system to facilitate the project. The book includes case studies of successful models from around the world and accessible graphics to help illustrate the process of design and implementation.

Release is scheduled for Earth Day- April 22, 2013

Preorders available at:

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